What started as a response to the first COVID-19 outbreak and initial efforts to help homeschool children became an ambitious project. This website is the result of months of intensive research, remote collaboration, creativity, generosity, and the shared desire to collectively work on a more inclusive and hopeful future.


Our team has been following the news closely, and joined forces with specialists from all over the world, to give you answers to some pressing questions, such as:


  •   Where can I find reliable sources for my kids to learn about climate change and how to prevent it?
  •   How do I speak about racism with kids?
  •   What are the best platforms for children to find authentic interpersonal connections between different cultures?


Social justice and climate change go hand in hand. And during early childhood development it is important to foster a child’s interest in their environment, both natural and cultural. 

With that aim in mind, we have produced original videos, film, animation, exercises, workshops and activities, and created special community spaces for children and a Forum for grown-ups, in order to nourish and foster the skills needed to tackle climate change, while also enhancing the understanding and awareness of people and cultures other than their own.

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