Sunset Over Hollywood

In the Motion Picture & Television Country House, over 1,000 elderly men and women enjoy their retirement. All of them are connected, as they all share a background in cinema. In the Hollywood dream factory, -as actors, mask or costume designers, screenwriters or directors for major films such as “E. T.,” “The Apartment” or “The Godfather”. These seniors in cinema do not spend the evening of their lives in great wealth or luxury, they spend it together in the modest but dignified Country House. Where they reminisce about their profession, encounters with well known characters and chapters lived. This film follows the sprightly pensioners throughout a year, and gives them a task. Together they will shoot an alternative ending for the classic film “Casablanca”.

Documentary (90′) Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the DFFF, Filmstiftung NRW, MFG A production of Achtung Panda / Fruit Market in co-production with Storming Donkey Distributed by Piffl media Regie: Uli Gaulke, Agnes Wegner Shooting 2016, Release 2017