Tales of Us

Tales of Us empowers and connects children from different corners of the world, enabling them to learn about nature and the environment from each other. By facilitating the art of storytelling in authentic ways between children within remote environments, we work with communities to promote empathy and creative problem solving through peer-to-peer learning.

Why? To foster an interest in conservation and nature in young people now, so they are better equipped to make ethical environmental choices as adults. To develop problem solving and self­expression skills with the children who participate in the workshops in Congo. This is a joint initiative led by the Storming Donkeys and Tales of Us gGmbH, partnered with SPAC, an African conservation organisation. It is supported by a wider multi‐disciplinary group of education, psychology and technology experts.
Status: Currently in development
Producers: Eva Vonk & Steffi Plattner Developer: Deborah Rodrigues Camera: Eric Ferranti Visuals: Pieter Henkett & Roger Innis Education: Astrid Schimmelpennick Partners: Sabine Plattner African Charities, Congo Conservation Company, Boom Productions NYC www.talesofus.net