The Donkey is all but stubborn. It only sinks its hoofs in the sand to ensure all is good. Like donkeys, we don’t take on every project that comes along. We are always looking for the next best project. When we find one, we storm off to realize it.

Telling stories that should be told.

About Us:

Storming Donkey believes in pursuing original ideas. We pick the best authors to develop our stories—with a focus on great care, not speed. We have a solid international network to execute all aspects of our ideas, and we are always on the lookout for new talent.

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Our Projects:

When we’re convinced we found a story that should be told to our German, European, or international audience, we find the right way to tell it in a captivating movie, documentary, or series.

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How we tell stories:

Feature Film

We stay true to our love for traditional cinema. While the landscape of storytelling is always shifting, we remain passionate about and committed to producing feature-length movies for the big screen.


The cinema of the 21st century! We are currently developing binge-worthy series formats ranging from thriller to young kids’ content. Follow our social media channels to keep abreast of updates.


We love the cinema but know how exciting non-linear platforms are.
With our charity project Tales of Us, we strive to produce socially relevant content, tailored to today’s most sought after subjects.


Creating video documentation related to large companies or institutions can be far more interesting than it sounds.
Our team will make sure to turn these narratives into exciting productions.

Our team

We boast an impressive network of talent from across the world that contributes to the realisation of our projects led by our solid base of full-time Donkeys including:

Anne Wollny
Kai Künneman
Eva Vonk
Stefanie Plattner
Ekrem Ergün

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