Anne Wollny

Anne Wollny pursued Applied Media Science while working for different production companies, first in Munich for AllMedia Pictures GmbH and then in Berlin for Aspekt Telefilm–Produktion GmbH. 

She gained more experience with TV Commercials and Digital Content in 2008, whilst working as Production Assistant for Pipeline Filmproduktion and Media Producer for Bausenwein Strohmaier GmbH. Here, she worked with clients such as Porsche, SAP, Zurich Insurance, and Deutsche Bahn. 

In 2014, she became the Production Assistant for Storming Donkey’s feature film ‘Hördur – Zwischen den Welten’ (Ekrem Ergün). After which she moved to Australia for a year.

The Berlin-based Film Deluxe GmbH helped Anne get production experiences abroad. She worked with Iglo in Tallin, Volkswagen in Málaga and Verivox in Barcelona. 

Anne rejoined Storming Donkey in 2017 as a Team and Production Assistant whilst still working with other production companies including W&B Television GmbH and MadeForFilm GmbH (Tatort Weimar, Mira Thiel) and Rowboat Film–und Fernsehproduktion GmbH. 

As Storming Donkey’s Line Production Manager, she now takes care of the daily office operations and the organizational aspects of projects. She is also producing MINSK—a Storming Donkey documentary about a new museum in Potsdam.

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