Ein Gutes Mädchen (AT)

About the project

Based on the novel “Where the Missing Go” by Emma Rowling.

Currently in development.

Two years ago Kate Harlow’s teenage daughter ran away. Since then Kate’s life has fallen apart. Kate and her husband have separated and she’s pushed away the rest of her family and friends, who say she needs to move on. Instead Kate finds solace, and a glimmer of hope, in working on a missing persons helpline, passing on messages to the families of runaways, no questions asked.

One night on a shift, she gets a heart-stopping call from a girl she believes to be her own daughter, Sophie. Her initial excitement quickly turns to fear.  The caller said she was safe, but Kate doesn’t believe it. Confidentiality means that the charity won’t trace its calls. Ben, the new detective on the case, says he’ll see what he can do, but Kate isn’t hopeful. Knowing something is very wrong, she decides that she needs to find out what really happened to Sophie.

Determined to pursue the investigation for herself, Kate begins with Sophie’s friends and her boyfriend, but her enquiries ultimately lead her to an unexpected revelation: another girl, Nancy, who bore a striking resemblance to her daughter, went missing 26 years ago in similar circumstances. Can it be a coincidence?

More on the development of the script and our team responsible will follow soon!

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