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Aylin is beside herself and desperate. At school she is bullied by her classmates, at home she has to take care of her little brother Emre and her father Hasan is mainly occupied with securing the subsistence level for the family. 

When she literally fights back against the bullying, community service at a horse farm is the consequence. 

Although Aylin initially seems similarly lost between the dung heap, wheelbarrow and the dismissive farm owner Iris, she feels magically drawn to the wild Icelandic horse Hördur. It is the beginning of an unusual friendship, as Aylin discovers against all odds her true passion and very special gift: riding. 

She won’t let anyone take it away from her, not even Hasan, who thinks riding is a decadent German hobby and forbids Aylin to ride… 

A film about the magic of riding and accompanies the rebellious Aylin on her way to a self-confident and self-determined life. 

Hördur – Zwischen den Welten is the feature film debut of director Ekrem Ergün. Ekrem Ergün is a child of Turkish guest workers and a trained actor. 

Dorothea Nölle wrote the screenplay for HördurZwischen den Welten based on a story by Ekrem Ergün and Stefanie Plattner.

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