Sunset over Hollywood

About the project

Just north of Los Angeles, at the end of Mulholland Drive, lies the retirement home of Hollywood. Here, those who once those who once formed the backbone of the U.S. film industry spend their twilight years here:

Stars great and small as well as the unknowns, actors and actresses, directors directors, producers, editors, make-up and costume designers, sound and camera people.

But old age can slow down the creative urge of the former Hollywood heroes and heroines. In the In the in-house film studio, they shoot films, develop ideas in joint workshops, work on a sequel to “Casablanca” or write their memoirs. memoirs. The filmmaker Uli Gaulke has accompanied some of the illustrious retirees and tells of their memories, dreams and memories, dreams and hopes on this side and the other

This is a moving and highly entertaining film about friendship, creativity and the possibilities & impossibilities of love in the not always so straightforward script of life.

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