The World of Us

About the project

The World of Us is a multilayered narrative game developed with a unique approach to environmental and mythological themes. The game introduces characters whose adventures bring children to ecological wonderlands around the globe and the culture of the people who live there.

Natural curiosity is something to celebrate. But traveling so broadly will most likely become something of the past.

That’s why we’re creating The World of Us, with kids, for kids.

We will present an experience like no other, maximizing the impact of the mission and vision of Tales of Us. To create a future where kids learn about the world as it is, from real people through stories and mythology that shine a light on the social and ecological impact of the modern world. We want to offer children a unique new way to travel worldwide – all without ever having to get on a plane.

Every detail is curated to provide local insights from around the world right to the palm of your hand. The gaming experience will pair short animations exploring authentic mythologies and clips of unfiltered truths from local natives. 

Kids can now explore more of the world without ever having to get on a plane. They’ll make new friends with kids their age and learn about mythology, nature, and native science. Beyond that, they gain decolonized insights into human history. But, most importantly, they’ll have a fun time doing so.

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